September 8, 2017

Networks & Data

Easy and safe computer and internet access for the whole family

Computer and internet use has become an integral part of both work and leisure activities for most families. It is necessary to have easy, reliable and fast access to all devices throughout the home without compromising internet security or the online safety of your children.

Zone Electrical Services can help you set up the perfect solution for your family’s specific requirements: A fully wired computer network means you do not rely on wireless signal strengths and we can future-proof your home to make sure you are ready for the latest technology solutions. You can comfortably access high-speed internet in all rooms and share printers, scanners or other devices throughout your home. Alternatively, weak Wi-Fi signal strengths can easily be boosted by installing a reliable wireless access point in your home and making sure your router is configured correctly.

Other areas that can be easily integrated are for example telephone systems, intercoms, multi-media & data outlets, and tablet or phone docking stations for easy charging or for playing your music or videos via your integrated  AV system.

We use high quality brands such as Edimax, Dynamix and Nexans to ensure a superior installation and follow electrical best practice techniques so you can be confident the equipment meets all safety requirements for your home.

Please get in touch with us and book a free consultation to discuss what level of technology you require in your home.