September 8, 2017

Home Automation

Make your home smarter and your life easier

With a home automation system you can to be in charge of all your technology at the touch of a button. Easy-to-use apps allow you to control your lighting, heating, AV, security systems, and appliances from your smart phone or tablet – even when you are not at home!

Creating a more comfortable home

While you are entertaining guests in the dining area with dimmed lights and relaxing music, other family members can work, study or play in another room. Home automation allows you to customise multiple living areas or ‘zones’, both indoors and outdoors, so that you can easily change the atmosphere of each zone at the touch of a button.

Creating a safer home

Smart locks, automated gates, CCTV surveillance, and security alarms can all be integrated and accessed remotely to keep your home as safe as possible. You can turn on lights and open or close blinds when you are not at home in order to make your home more lived in and to deter burglars. We can advise you on the best security options available for your home and how these can be part of your automation system.

Creating a more energy-efficient home

Integrating your home’s heating & cooling system, power reticulation, and lighting will help you create a more energy-efficient home. You can even remotely manage controls for your swimming pool, spa pool and garden irrigation systems.  Making sure all these systems run efficiently and only at the times they are needed will not only create an enjoyable home environment, but also save you money.

Zone Electrical is a certified KNX partner. We believe that applying this international standard offers many benefits: all products and systems ‘speaking the same language’ and working together across the same network means less cabling and higher functionality. We are also an associate Control 4 installer and can offer all the functionalities of this smart solution to make your home more comfortable, energy-efficient and safer. We will also ensure that your home is sufficiently pre-wired to allow for changes you may want to make to your systems in the future.

We do recognise that everyone’s needs and budget are different. So please get in touch to book your comprehensive free consultation. We will show you what options work best for you and how we can create a smarter living experience for you and your family.